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Age or Potential: Which Really Counts?

by Lucija Buric

Have you ever felt like people judge your abilities based on how many years you’ve been around? Tried to prove yourself, but individuals with “more experience” don’t see the value in your life story? Do you ever worry that you’re too young for the job now, but in a couple of years, you’ll be considered too old with not enough experience?

Let me break it down for you. We live in a world where older individuals and their old ways are kind of fading out. Younger people are taking charge and bringing in new ideas and energy. We’re more united, independent, and we appreciate differences.

But, there are still some old-school thinkers who believe young people should do things their way. And for the next 10 to 15 years, we’ll likely face challenges fitting into their ideas and hear about how inexperienced we are.

But think about it – who can teach you important life stuff? I’d say it’s people like young activists, actors, singers – those who hit the big time while they were still young and kept going. They’ve faced tough decisions and tests in life and managed to reach their dreams. They can be examples, not just for us young individuals but also for the older generation.

I work as a coach, and I often get questions about my age. I’m 26, teaching people about life. It might seem a bit odd, but I always tell older individuals that if I can learn from them, they can learn from me too. I’m not here to dismiss their experiences but to share what I’ve learned about life. I’m here to show them why they might not have reached their goals and how they can have a more meaningful later stage of life, passing on those lessons to their families.

Family and success often hit a plateau because no one knows how to break through. That’s where I come in. If I can live my dream life and reach my goals at my age, why can’t other young people do the same for older individuals?

Life coaching isn’t about having tons of experience; it’s about knowing stuff and understanding life. Age doesn’t automatically mean you have loads of experience. Everyone has their own potential, no matter their age, waiting to be tapped into. Older individuals can learn from the younger ones, understand today’s world, and use their experience to help the younger generation find solutions more easily. It’s about recognizing and choosing to make the most of what you’ve got, no matter how old you are.

And older individuals can still be mentors, using their experience to guide and support the younger generation on their way to success.