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Authentic Living

by Lucija Buric

How often have you been engulfed by the shadows of self-doubt? Do you frequently find yourself questioning the satisfaction of your decisions, your life’s trajectory, your career, and the relationships you’ve nurtured? And if you do, is there a clear benchmark against which you measure your contentment? An even more critical question arises – are these standards truly your own, or are they a reflection of societal expectations and influences?

Pause to evaluate whether the relationships in your life genuinely serve your inner self, whether it’s your professional endeavors, a romantic partnership, or your friendships with colleagues. Contemplate the driving forces behind your life decisions. Are they rooted in past experiences, or do they align with the vision of the life you aspire to lead?

A recent interview with Oprah Winfrey shed light on the most significant disparity between successful and unsuccessful individuals. Her response was profoundly illuminating. She eloquently conveyed that successful people possess a crystal-clear understanding of where they are headed, what they want, and most importantly, why they want it. In contrast, many individuals drift through life without a distinct sense of purpose or direction, merely surviving each day without assessing whether their choices resonate with their authentic selves.

Having a vivid, self-crafted image of the life you aspire to live is akin to navigating life from the inside out. It involves having a well-defined path to tread, knowing that every obstacle encountered holds a profound lesson and serves your ultimate purpose. When you find yourself veering off course, you often search for fulfillment externally, but in those moments, you must pause and reflect on why you diverged and whether it was a justified detour.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that even if you lose your way, you can always return to your path as long as you know your destination. This realization is at the heart of the personal introspection. Have your choices and experiences aligned with your true desires? What can you do differently moving forward? Have you, amidst the journey, unearthed a genuine sense of contentment?

This reflection led to a resounding conclusion: Yes, choices have been made that have filled with pride and others that have left you wanting. Some have propelled you closer to your dreams, while others felt like bewildering detours. Each decision has been a profound teacher, unveiling more about the person you aspire to become and the facets of your character that have long lain dormant.

So, here’s the takeaway: Craft your own vision for your life, take the time to honor your desires, and persevere steadfastly in your pursuit. It is the only path to true self-understanding and fulfillment. Along this journey, you’ll encounter days of missteps, moments when you could have chosen differently, and days of remarkable decisions. But it all starts to make sense when you have a clear destination in mind. Embrace the art of living, rather than merely existing in the confines of your thoughts.