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Do We Know Who We Really Are?

by Lucija Buric

Hey there,

As we wind down the year and gear up for the next, it’s that time when we tend to look back and think about what we’ve done, what we’ve missed, and what we deliberately avoided. But here’s a thought: do we really know why we did all that, the real reason behind? Do we know ourselves and who we want to be, so we chose that choices?

I’m curious, can you describe who you are beyond the basics? I work with people chasing big goals, and even they, with all their life experiences, are still figuring themselves out. It makes me wonder, shouldn’t we all be doing a bit more of that?

Life throws challenges our way, and they’re not necessarily bad things. They’re kind of like life’s way of nudging us to understand who we are and what we’re made of. Finding meaning in those challenges seems to make the whole journey a bit clearer.

I can’t tell you who you are, but what I can do is share some life concepts and meanings that might help you understand the person you are now. And the cool thing is, you get to decide who you want to be.

Knowing yourself is an ongoing thing – a journey. Life isn’t just about understanding; it’s about doing things, finding joy, exploring, and figuring out what you really want. Take a moment to appreciate yourself, learn more about who you are, and see how the goals you set become inspiring and full of lessons.

Whether it’s in business or life, everything you do is a step towards becoming a better you. Enjoy the journey, learn from it, and create a future that matches the awesome person you’re discovering within. After all, life is your canvas, so paint it with purpose, joy, and the colors of your dreams.

Cheers to a year of self-discovery and exciting new beginnings! 🌟