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Is Doing The Right Thing Always Easy?

by Lucija Buric

In the face of difficult decisions, the timeless wisdom of doing what is right comes to mind. There was a time when an individual found themselves wrestling with a daunting choice, standing on the precipice of giving up.

Let me share this person’s story with you.

In the pursuit of self-improvement and the dream of launching a business to benefit others, a friend introduced them to a group of individuals who had the potential to guide them towards their goals. Little did this person know, their friend was grappling with personal struggles. They were on a quest to discover their true identity, find happiness, and thrive without causing harm to those close to them, including their own children. Unfortunately, this journey was marked by resistance, criticism, and opposition from their immediate circle, pushing them to muster the courage to stand up for themselves.

The past year proved to be a challenging journey as this person supported their friend through these trials. They faced blame and criticism from others, and there were moments when they questioned the righteousness of their path, which aimed to do good for others and themselves.

In the end, this individual realized that this path was indeed the right one. Yet, the complexities of cultural and environmental influences can sometimes obscure one’s sense of purpose and the importance of staying true to their beliefs. Intuition, that guiding inner voice, can show the way, but the question is whether we heed its call.

In conclusion, it’s essential to consistently set an example and make choices that benefit both oneself and others, even when facing daunting challenges. It’s worth remembering that what is wrong cannot persist indefinitely, and even in the darkest of days, there’s always a glimmer of hope on the horizon.