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Mastering Life

by Lucija Buric

Have you ever wondered what you can learn from your life? If someone were to ask you about yourself, your happiness, and your aspirations, what would you say? Often, we focus on our desires, past experiences, and current state of well-being. We might share that we feel content, satisfied, or even elated. But what if we delve deeper and explore the specifics of our lives? Where we live, our surroundings, our career, relationships, and finances—all these aspects reflect the outcomes of our choices and interactions. By examining these tangible results, we can gain valuable insights into our lives. Let’s embark on a journey of self-reflection to uncover the keys to a joyful and fulfilling existence.

Understanding the Power of Outcomes:

Our lives are a tapestry woven by our thoughts, actions, and connections with others. Each day, we experience a range of emotions, from joy and fulfillment to frustration and disappointment. These emotions serve as markers, guiding us toward understanding the quality of our interactions and the outcomes they produce. To truly grasp who we are and what we desire, it’s crucial to analyze these results objectively.

Exploring Your Surroundings:

The physical space we inhabit has a profound impact on our well-being. Consider your living environment: the place you call home. How does it look? Does it evoke a sense of peace, comfort, and inspiration? Take a moment to reflect on your living situation, whether it’s an apartment or a house. How does it make you feel? Creating a harmonious living space that resonates with your values and brings you joy is an essential step toward a fulfilling life.

Assessing Your Career:

Our professional lives often occupy a significant portion of our time and energy. Ask yourself about your current job or career path. Are you engaged and fulfilled by the work you do? Is the atmosphere in your workplace supportive and positive? Your career should align with your passions and talents, providing a sense of purpose and personal growth. Evaluating your professional pursuits can lead to important insights and help you make informed decisions about your future.

Cultivating Meaningful Relationships:

Relationships form the foundation of our social and emotional well-being. Consider the people you share your life with. Are you surrounded by individuals who uplift and support you? Reflect on the quality of your relationships, whether romantic, familial, or friendships. Ask yourself if you feel truly happy and fulfilled in these connections. Striving for healthy, nurturing relationships that bring out the best in you can significantly enhance your overall well-being.

Evaluating Finances:

While money isn’t the sole determinant of happiness, it undeniably affects our daily lives. Take a moment to assess your financial situation. Are you earning an amount that satisfies your needs and allows you to pursue your interests? Consider whether your current income aligns with your aspirations and if it provides you with a sense of financial security. Striving for a healthy balance between financial stability and personal fulfillment is essential for a truly satisfying life.

Becoming Your Own Best Friend:

As we reflect on these various aspects of our lives, it becomes evident that we are the common thread connecting them all. We hold the power to shape our experiences, decisions, and interactions. Embracing ourselves as our own best friend and ally is crucial. By prioritizing self-love, self-care, and self-awareness, we can create a harmonious and fulfilling existence. Start thinking of your life as a holistic entity, where you, your desires, and your well-being are interconnected in perfect harmony.


Life is an incredible journey of self-discovery and growth. By examining the outcomes and results of our choices and interactions, we can gain invaluable insights into ourselves and our desires.