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Partnership and Success

by Lucija Buric

I believe that for centuries, indeed millennia, the dynamic interplay between the male and female worlds has persisted. Throughout history, men have often occupied dominant positions, while women, in some way, have been either suppressed or found themselves in the role of support to rulers, often without acknowledgment of their own contributions. However, when we carefully examine reality, we notice that the most successful individuals and those who have left the most significant mark on humanity have often been successful couples.

Whether in a business partnership or private life, the combination of male-female dynamics always proves to be exceptionally beneficial. The reason for this lies in the different approaches that men and women bring to the table. Men are often guided by rationality, numbers, and results, while women often operate intuitively, guided by inner feelings. From personal experience, I have often heard from many male CEOs and directors that when they consulted their wives or female colleagues about potential partners, they often received advice to avoid certain relationships. Despite initial disobedience, later they realized that women were often extremely accurate in their assessments.

A similar dynamic is present on the female side. As a woman, I grapple with my own complexity, a wealth of ideas, and goal-setting, but sometimes, I feel a lack of rationality. In such moments, I often consult with my male colleagues to gain a different perspective. In every business, these two entirely different streams of thinking, nevertheless converging toward the same goal, often yield the best results.

Therefore, whether in business, relationships, or marriage, partners who respect each other, know each other, and work together toward the same goal often achieve greater success. What I have learned is that when a person has support both in their work and at home, that person often achieves remarkable success and progresses faster in every aspect of development.